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Des Fins, Des Mondes

Guided Tours

Kantine, Bruxelles
15th October - 5th November, 2022
Documentation : Lola Pertsowsky
A solo exhibition accessible through guided tours
"Des Fins, De Mondes will only be accessible via a guided tour given by Anouchka Oler Nussbaum.
The guided tour will take place every week in French and English. The tour lasts about 50 minutes."

In May 2021, my father dies. Sad summer for all, climate deregulation everywhere. Plagues of apocalyptic looks punctuate grief. Des Fins, Des Mondes is a series of performances born of an attempt to make sense of worlds that are dissolving. Each iteration seeks to undermine the grand narrative of the Fall by refusing the myth of the end of the world that would not have begun yet. Each performance invites voices that live with mourning, love and trouble, interweaving stories of cosmos that end and continue.

Magic Show (advertisement)

Colour and sound video, 6'52 - 2022
This video is an advertisement for a magic show. The magic show was the first iteration of the performance series Des Fins, Des Mondes seeks to address the Eurocentric sloppiness of the apocalypse’s concept through acts of magic in order to invest ways of staying with trouble (Donna Haraway, 2019). This advertisement offers to book the magic show, which contains an accurate depiction of my aura, a collective singalong, the possibility of changing the world, the appearance of a body as a pledge, the conclusive elimination of the concept of apocalypse from the world, the personification of St. Sebastian, a proposal for a lesbian icon, dog stories, a poem by Audre Lorde and a speech by Ursula K. Le Guin.

Le Temple du Trou du Cul

In Art au Centre curated by Bassin Caresse in Brest, 2022.
With ANa Anaa, Clara Agnus, Laura Buors et Mathilde Chéreau, Anthedemos, Angélique Aubrit et Ludovic Beillard, Ondine Bertin, Johanna Cartier, Benjamin Husson, Claire et Morgan, Ana Jotta, Pierre Leguillon, Johanna Rocard, Anouchka Oler Nussbaum.
Documentation : Clara Agnus
This installation develops a chapter of the perfomance Des Fins, Des Mondes around The Catacombs, a 70-80’s sexclub honouring fistfucking in San Francisco as told by Gayle Rubin in The Catacombs: A Temple of the Butthole.


The exhibition Théorie Trou du cul closed with the cabaret Des Fins, Des Mondes held at La Tôlerie where I invited the artists, poets and musicians etaïnn zwer, gladys, Benjamin Seror and Simon Asencio to add their voices to stories of cosmos and worlds ending and ways of staying with trouble.


2022, L’antrepeaux, Bourges
In the festival LITTÉRAGRRRLZ curated by Julien Ribeiro
With Oxytocine et Dominique Gilliot